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Agave - Agave - Smoothing Trio
Agave Agave - Smoothing Trio
This set contains: 1x Agave Smoothing Shampoo (89ml) 1x Agave Smoothing Conditioner (89ml)  1x Agave Healing Oil (59ml)
CHF69.00 *
Agave - Gel Wax
Agave Agave - Gel Wax
Lightweight styling product that offers just the right amount of control. Controls like a wax. Flexibility of a gel. Use to texture, define and shape. Ideal for all hair types looking for a soft hold or more defined texture. Contains...
CHF32.00 *
Agave - Agave - Healing Oil
Agave Agave - Healing Oil
59ml 111ml
Agave Healing Oil smoothes, restores & transforms unmanageable frizzy hair. It's non-greasy, lightweight formula is ideal for all hair types. Agave plant sugars hydrate & help preserve haircolor. Directions of use Use a few drops...
CHF54.00 *
Agave - Smoothing Shampoo
Agave Agave - Smoothing Shampoo
250ml 1000ml 118ml
Agave Healing Oil Shampoo nourishes, hydrates and smoothes hair. It's Sulfate-Free, acid balanced formula gently removes styling build-up, debris and dirt, and is great for daily use. Agave plant sugars help hydrate and preserve...
CHF99.00 *
Agave - Agave - Restorative Hydrating Mask
Agave Agave - Restorative Hydrating Mask
Agave Restorative Hydrating Mask: Intensive reconditioning treatment, loaded with Agave plant sugars. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten- and cruelty-free. Directions of use Apply to damp or towel-dried hair and comb...
CHF48.00 *
Agave - Agave - Clarifying Shampoo
Agave Agave - Clarifying Shampoo
1000ml 250ml
Rich clarifying formula gently removes debris, dirt and build-up, prepares hair for smoothing. Agave plant sugars help hydrate & preserve hair color. Created by International stylist Fernando Romero from a centuries old Mixtec...
CHF29.00 *
Agave - Pro Iron 1.25"/3.2cm Dual Voltage
Agave Agave - Pro Iron 1.25"/3.2cm Dual Voltage
Agave Pro Iron 1.25” is a professional smoothing iron that is also used with any Agave professional smoothing service. Agave Silicone Strips attract water moisture. Natural negative ions from iron plates help to hydrate the cuticle. Far...
CHF259.00 *
Agave - Agave - Bamboo Brush Round
Agave Agave - Bamboo Brush Round
NanoIonic Boar Bristles add shine and condition. NanoIonic Barrel for faster blow drying and styling.  With 4,6cm diameter . Ingredients Natural Bamboo Wood, ecologically friendly.
CHF31.00 *
Agave - Agave - Revitalizing Shine Spray
Agave Agave - Revitalizing Shine Spray
Agave Revitalizing Shine Spray: A lightweight micro-mist shine spray, infused with healing Agave plant sugars. Without parabens, sulfates, phthalates. Directions of use Spray lightly, about 8-10 inches away from dry hair and let...
CHF29.00 *
Agave - Agave - Healing Vapor Infusion
Agave Agave - Healing Vapor Infusion
118 ml
Vapor-activated Treatment, loaded with agave plant sugars, helps strengthen and seal the hair shaft for ultimate shine and sleekness. Directions of use Only use with Agave Healing Vapor Iron. When iron is cool, remove empty...
CHF24.00 *
Agave - Smoothing Conditioner
Agave Agave - Smoothing Conditioner
250ml 1000ml 89ml
Agave Healing Oil Conditioner helps smooth and tame frizzes and restores natural-looking shine. It's Paraben-Free, acid balanced formula gently detangles & conditions without weighing hair down. Agave plant sugars help hydrate and...
CHF118.00 *
Agave - Agave - Healing Vapor Iron
Agave Agave - Healing Vapor Iron
Agave Healing Vapor Iron conditions hair on a deeper level by infusing hair with Agave Vapor Infusion, loaded with agave plant sugars, nature's miracle ingredient. Result Sleek, shiny hair on a deeper level. Agave plant sugars...
CHF269.00 *
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The Agave plant is nature's smoothing secret, present in all Agave formulas, providing the ultimate hair transformation & restoration. Derived from Mexico’s Blue Agave Plant, Agave is nature’s healing & hydrating cure for dry, damaged hair.
Fernando Romero, founder and owner of Agave, brings the modern version of his Grandmother's products, infused with the Agave plant, to smooth, heal and restore unmanageable frizzy hair.